About Us

Mizzima, derived from the Pali word for middle or moderate and chosen for its inference of an unbiased and independent media, was established in 1998 in New Delhi, India, by three veterans of Myanmar’s 1988 pro-democracy uprising. Since its founding the aim of Mizzima has been to provide high quality news relating to Myanmar, contributing toward freedom of expression and the free flow of information in the public interest.  

Until recently, Mizzima operated as an exile-based media organization, with a liaison office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, complimenting the organization’s headquarters in India. However, all this changed in early 2012 and in the wake of domestic reforms in Myanmar.

Mizzima Media Co. Ltd. is a registered Myanmar company. It produces a daily Mizzima newspaper in Myanmar language, a weekly Mizzima business magazine (www.mzineplus.com), weekly television business and sports programs – aired by Myanma Radio & Television (MRTV) – and websites in both the Myanmar (www.mizzimaburmese.com) and English language (www.mizzima.com). Additionally, Mizzima media products are also available on various digital platforms such as Android and iPhones. Mizzima also prides itself on its active cooperation with other national and international stakeholders in the media reform process in Myanmar. Mizzima's Yangon Head Office is located at Mizzima Media Co., Ltd. Room Numbers 001, 003, 101 and 103, Lakekan Condo Tower, Upper Pazundaung Road, Ward 7, Pazundaung Township, Yangon, MYANMAR.

It is not an exaggeration to say that every day and week, thousands – including a diverse international audience in addition to Myanmar’s domestic base – turn to Mizzima for the latest information and analysis of events inside and impacting Myanmar.

Mizzima believes that only with the security of a free and vibrant media in Myanmar, can the country’s full potential be realized. As such, Mizzima is proud of its legacy as a founding member of independent media in Myanmar and looks forward to growing and prospering in tandem with the country.